Here’s How You Should Go About Rebranding Your Brewery

rebranding your brewery

We are all aware of the short life that trends have. They rise fast and die faster. And it’s not surprising to see many people jump in on the first sign of a trend. While that’s okay for a normal life, businesses should stay away from relying on trends while branding themselves. Because as soon as the trend dies or gets outdated, your brand will fall too. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are some key points you need to focus on while rebranding your brewery!

Your Core Design Has Gone Out Of Date and Does Not Reflect Your Company’s Values 

This is one prime example of following a trend and not focusing on what you want your brewery to represent. If you feel like your design and logo does not represent your ideas, rebrand your brewery immediately. 

Your Company Is Getting A Makeover

Any major changes you make, remember that the overall look and feel of your business need to reflect that. You might be planning to rename your beers or shift from cans to bottles. Everything needs to fit together. Details matter when branding your brewery. 

Beware Of the Newbies And Corporate Brands

Don’t get comfortable in your position. It’s business, after all. If you find that new startup breweries are opening next to you, you need to get active as well. Don’t underestimate young blood, show them the powerful hold you have over your community. The same goes for corporate brands. When you decide to expand your business, you are going to clash with other brands. And you need to be prepared when the time comes. 

Make That Website Work

If you have a website that crashes every time a couple of people try to access it, then you have got a problem. You need to fix it ASAP. You need to make sure that your energy is spent on brewing your delicious beer. And having a dysfunctioning website won’t let you do that. 

Rebranding Your Brewery Is The Way To Go Rather Than Going In Circles

If you don’t have a proper and solid brand yet, then you must have found yourself going in circles. Every time you release a new flavor or your latest SKU, you try to figure out what style of illustration to use. Why start from scratch every single time? Just rebrand, once and for all. And make sure to create a brand that you are proud of and would like to show off. It’s your brainchild, after all. 

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Forget About Rebranding Your Brewery If:

If you already have a strong community built around your brand, do not rebrand. Sometimes, brands work like human relationships. People get attached to a certain brand. If you have a loyal community, do not rebrand. Instead, think of other programs to spruce up your game. 

In case of a lack of good leadership or good quality beer, do not rebrand. It will only fall flat if the quality of your brewery is still bad. You need to work on your internal issues before rebranding your brewery. 

And folks, this is how you get it done!

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