Here’s How You Can Brew The Black Is Beautiful Beer

Black Is Beautiful Beer

In recent months, Racial inequality and injustice have come to the forefront. Faced with such grueling reality, one has to accept the fact that racism is not a thing of the past. Institutional racism still exists, and it has held back African-Americans and other minority communities since time immemorial. In the face of it all, many communities are coming forward to fight back against such prejudice. In an attempt to be a supportive ally, the beer industry has come up with the Black Is Beautiful beer initiative

The idea first emerged from Texas. The head brewer and founder of Weathered Souls Brewing, Marcus Baskerville, proposed this supportive movement. Within two weeks, the movement has seen participation, not only from local breweries but also from groups outside the U.S. Over 700 breweries from across all the 50 states and 13 countries are currently participating in this initiative. 

The recipe for the Black Is Beautiful Beer has been intricately designed by Baskerville and Annie Johnson to suit the quality for famed breweries as well as homebrewers. Anne Johnson is a Homebrewer of the Year alumni and a member of the American Homebrewers Association. 

All the profits earned through this recipe will be donated to organizations working to highlight and overcome racial inequality and injustice. 

If you are a beer enthusiast, now, even you can give the recipe a try. It’s ABV is moderately high. 

The Ingredients For The Black Is Beautiful Beer

If you are brewing 5.5 US gallons, use:

10 lb pale malt (2 Row) 

2 lb flaked oats

1 lb malt chocolate 

12 oz flaked barley

12 oz roasted barley

12 oz crystal 120 malt 

8 oz chocolate rye malt

4 oz black malt (patent)

1lb corn sugar (dextrose)

1 oz Zeus/Columbus/Tomahawk hops, 15.5% a.a, (60 min)

2 oz cascade hops, 5.5% (10 min)

2 oz cascade hops, 5.5% a.a. (20 min)

1 California Ale Yeast pack (white labs WLP001)


ABV: 8.7%

Original Gravity: 1.081

Final Gravity: 1.016

SRM: 46

IBU: 65

Boil Time: 60 mins

Efficiency: 82%

Mash the grains for 60 mins at 154F. The conversion should be completed. Then, continue to boil for another 60 mins while following the ingredients list. 

If you are a homebrewer, you can get in touch with a local brewery and see how you can help the cause. Or you can contact organizations working towards racial equality and harmony, and do your part. 

The beer industry is all about inclusivity. Now, you can do your part too by supporting the Black Is Beautiful beer initiative.

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