Here Are Some Hilarious Christmas Beer Memes To Spur Up Your Day

Christmas Beer Memes

Some of you might think this is premature, but let us tell you it is absolutely not. Everyone knows that as soon as Halloween ends, the Christmas lights begin to come out. We can just feel it in our bones! The chilly weather is creeping up, and the winds are howling for Christmas 2020. And while we prepare for the festivities, let’s look at some hilarious Christmas beer memes to cheer up our days!

1. Am I On The Good List?

Christmas Beer Memes

Only adults will know the pains of a 9 to 5 job. After grinding at work all day, who’s got time to be a goody-two-shoes on Christmas? Kudos to those who do so, but let’s just say some of us like our drinks on the side. 

2. Presents Anyone?

What do we need for this Christmas to be merry? Well, you guessed it right if you said some good ol’ beer. Is it just me, or does our idea of presents change drastically as we grow older?

3. Don’t Be Shellfish, Share Your Beer And Your Beer Memes

Share Your Beer And Your Beer Memes

Christmas is all about sharing joy, warmth, and laughter. Hmm, wonder if that comes in a bottle. Friends, it does!

4. When Is Santa Coming?

Beer Memes

According to this beer meme, Santa is sloshed on some eggnog and has mistaken his lager to be his reindeers. There, there Santa, it happens to all of us.

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5. Can We? Pretty Please?

Christmas Beer Memes

Hey, we are not judging anyone this Christmas. If you wish to open up a bottle and call it a Christmas celebration now, you do you. Good day to you, eh!

6. Cute Or Creepy?

Christmas Beer Memes

Remember when we used to be terrified of Santa’s little spy elves? Well, this Guinness meme might remind some of us of those elves on the shelves. It’s kinda cute but definitely a little creepy too. 

7. Is This Too Much To Ask?

Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t have fun at Christmas. If someone stops you, simply scream beer memes for days, and be on your way. 

8. We’ve Got A Better Christmas Tree

Better Christmas Tree

If you are here to brag about your reusable Christmas tree, let us stop you right here. Everybody must bow in front of this Canadian Christmas tree. 

9. Santa’s Been Hitting The Gym

Take away your milk and cookies, this Santa wants some chilled beer. 

Send these beer memes to your friends to cheer them up. Lord knows we all need some cheering up this year!

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