Hawks vs. Bucks Drinking Game

A drinking game that will get you so drunk you won't be able to pronounce "Milwaukee"


Take a Sip Every Time…

  • Trae Young does the “freezing” gesture (shimmying counts as well)
  • A player makes a 3-pointer
  • Giannis fouls
  • John Collins dunks
  • Jrue Holiday dunks
  • A player looks up at the ceiling and thanks God
  • A coach takes his face mask off to yell

Chug for 7 Seconds Every Time…

  • Shaq makes a sexual innuendo while commentating
  • Someone brings up what a “great guy” Giannis is
  • Someone refers to Giannis as “The Greek Freak”
  • Someone refers to Trae Young as “Ice Trae”
  • Someone refers to Kevin Hueter as “Red Velvet” and/or makes a joke about his hair color

Finish Your Drink If…

  • Either team is up by 12+ points at the end of the first half
  • The game goes into overtime
  • Any player puts up more than 40 points
  • A fight breaks out on the court or in the stands (be on the social media lookout for fan fights)
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Morgan Williams is a freelance humor writer based in Atlanta.