Have You Tried Any Of These 8 Delicious Recipes With Beer?


Beer is the perfect way to wash away the tedium of a long and tiring day. However, beer is more than just a refreshing beverage. It is the secret ingredient you have been searching for to elevate your everyday recipes. So bring out your barrels, packs, and cases and try these amazing recipes with beer.

People have been using wine to add complexity and flavor to dishes for centuries. Cooking with beer follows a similar principle. The myriad of beers with their different shades, flavors, and styles, charts a complex and intriguing route. The following recipes are the perfect template to kick-start your journey.

1. Batter With Beer

Beer battered fish and chips is a familiar concept, especially to the gastropub regulars. Beer, like sparkling water, makes the batter lighter and airier by adding carbon dioxide bubbles into the mix. This also helps in making the batter crispier when fried. Feel free to experiment with this recipe. You can even substitute the fish with calamari or vegetables. Pro-tip: you can use this recipe to make one of the best onion rings ever.

2. Beer And Fish

One often harbors the misconception that beer can only pair well with darker meats. However, this grilled fish recipe using Jamaican lager will prove all your preconceived notions wrong. The recipe is simple and summer-y. The Jamaican beer adds a robust and mouthwatering smokiness to the barbeque glaze. The herby undertones of the lager seep into the flesh of the fish through gashes made on its surface. One bite and you will be transported to the Tropics. 

3. Use the Beer Can

This chicken recipe using a beer can is the perfect way to recycle and reuse your beer cans. A recipe where the chicken is propped up on a beer can, which has been shoved inside its cavity, is a rarity. As unsophisticated as it all might look, the beer can plays a very important role. The can of beer, filled halfway with beer, prevents the meat from drying out and adds extra flavor to it.

4. Marinades With Beer

Of all the recipes with beer, this one is sure to blow your mind. This braised short ribs recipe is the brain-child of Tom Kerridge, the owner of a two Michelin star pub. The recipe utilizes American-style craft lager and brings beer to the forefront. It is a fairly simple marinade with American-style craft beer, ketchup, treacle, and mustard. But the flavors it brings out will blow your mind.

5. Braised Lentils

Another Tom Kerridge recipe, this one is nothing short of magic. Lentils are famous for their ability to absorb flavors. When combined with beer, thyme, and shallots, they create a flavor extravaganza. It is a perfect accompaniment to salt-baked lamb shanks.

6. Onion Soup

The best way to make this onion soup is to let the onions simmer for a long time. To enhance the flavor and sweetness, add a good dash of beer to it, and cook till the soup is infused with the richness of the boiled down, dark nectar. Et voilà, you have an onion soup which is nothing short of a flavor revolution.

7. Beer, Cheese, And Toast

The combination of beer and cheese is a match made in heaven. This cheese on toast recipe combines beer, breadcrumbs, spring onions, butter, and eggs to create a unique rarebit-mix. Pile on top of toasts or crumpets and grill till they reach a grilled and oozy consistency. 

8. Desserts And Cakes

No list of recipes with beer is complete without this chocolate and Guinness dessert. The black velvet sponge is moist and the stout adds, what Nigella Lawson refers to as a “resonant and ferrous tang”. This delectable cake is topped with frosting with a splash of Champagne.

Build on these recipes and innovate to create your own list of mouthwatering recipes with beer.

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