Get Ready To Taste The Magic Of Beer Floats


Keeping an open mind in the culinary world is very crucial, for there are several combinations that can blow your brains out. One of them being beer floats. When you can have avocado on a burger, or bacon and peanut butter, why not beer floats? Yet, there are several puritans who would cross their heart at thesign of craft beer being mixed. To them, it is sacrilegious. To us, it is amazing!

But if someone is putting ice cream on beer, obviously we aren’t going to stop them. Yet, one needs to find the balance. The perfect beer, and the perfect ice cream- one for the gods.

Craft Cream Works in West Chester is one place where you can find beer floats, under Pat Strang. His first concoction- hand-crafted peanut butter-Oreo ice cream with Perennial
Artisan Ales Maman. Delightful, isn’t it?

The only advice this saint has for us is to try everything out a bit. See what works, and what doesn’t- everyone has a personalized taste which shouldn’t be tampered with.

Sinfully Dark Beer Floats
Grainworks Old Ghosts works best- a combination of hazelnuts, caramel, and chocolate. Use Peanut Butter and Oreo Ice- cream from Craft Cream Works to get the taste out. According to Strang, the polarising taste of the two would mix well together.

Sweet And Sour Beer Floats
First take the Grainworks Cherry Pineapple Tart beer, which is basically berliner weisse with pineapple and cherry. For the cream, use vanilla bean ice cream. Strang says that the vanilla complements the tartness well.

Cream And Citrus Beer Floats
You can go for Belgian white ale, the likes of Grainworks Picket Fence. The ice-cream can be Orange Dream Ice-cream from Craft Cream Works. Strang calls it an orange creamsicle as the ice-cream colors the beer orange entirely!

Well, how about you start beating the heat with these beer floats? You can always make your own beer floats combinations and share with us. Who knows, your unique twist
could be the next big thing!

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