The BeerLife Sports Oracle and the legendary fun-time brand Friday Beers have teamed up to offer a special football handicapping promotional deal for their fans.

Followers of Friday Beers and their infamous sports bettor, Dr. Locks, will be treated to an exclusive direct-to-your-phone package of Oracle NFL and college football picks as well as a wide array of insider cheat sheets, summarized analysis, and insights and tools to up your sports betting game.

The nation's premier football handicapper will text picks on game day straight to you phone for super convenience and time-saving. For just $20/month, or $66% off the list price.

About The Oracle

The BeerLife Sports Oracle is legendary in NFL handicapping circles with a predictive system so good he’s been kicked out of multiple sportsbooks. The winner of the 2020 Dr.Locks.MD football pool texts up to the minute gameday picks to BLS+ subscribers.