French Fries And Beer: How To Combine Beer And Fries For The Perfect Combo?

beer and fries

Almost everyone enjoys a good bucket of French fries to go with chilled beer. It is the perfect combination to kick back, relax, and have some quality time. Any other munchies or an elaborate spread might seem too much to pair with beer. But nothing is better than a beer and fries combination.

Beer and Fries: The Perfect Couple

I’m sure you know that places, where French fries fall under the popular menu, are also the ones that have a knack for beer. That’s surely not a coincidence. Beer and fries are like best buddies. They are simply great together.

Why is that? The malt in the beer gets an added flavor when you mix it with the sweet taste of potatoes. Even greasy fries are not a problem when you have it with beer. Beers have a naturally crisp taste that can cut right through the greasiness of French fries. So, if you want to share some quality laughs with your friends, there is no need to go for elaborate spreads. You can simply add some fries to the table.

However, there are specific beers that go with a particular type of fries. So, know the best beer and fries pairings to bring out the maximum flavor from both.

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How To Make The Perfect Beer And Fries Combo?

The flavor is the essential element to know: which beer goes best with which kind of fries. Decide what kind of beer you are going to order, and then pick your choice of fries. Let’s get cracking.

  1. Type Of Beer For Classic French Fries

Classic French fries are never the wrong option. You can match it with almost any kind of beer. However, if you want the maximum taste, you can pair your classic fries with American Pale Lager. This type of lager has a very soothing taste and if you add an overpowering taste as a side-on, you will not be able to enjoy the taste completely. So, we suggest you pair the salty Classic Fries with your pale American lager.

  1. Type Of Beer For Curly Fries

Curly fries go best with Witbiers. This beer and fries combination is best when you want to pep things up a notch. So, when you are not in the mood for a classic order, go for a spicy Witbier and some curly fries. The strong flavors of a Witbier will be perfectly complemented by a bucket of curly fries.

  1. Type Of Beer For Gravy Fries Or Poutine

Gravy fries or Poutine are a preferred choice for many. So, what is the kind of beer that goes best with this? The answer is a pale ale. The sharp, bitter taste of a pale ale will cut through the rich taste of gravy. And the salty flavor will be balanced by the sweetness.

To add some more to the list of beer and fries pairings, we have the following:

  • Pilsner with fries battered in beer
  • Dark Ale (Belgian) with Gravy Fries
  • Brown Ale with Poutine
  • American IPA with Spicy Fries

Try out these beer and fries combinations and enjoy a night of flavor and fun.

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