Five Simple Techniques To Cool Your Beer In A Go!


We have experienced the dread of sipping a bottle of warm beer because we were impatient. Every college kid can understand the heartbreaking experience of not owning a fridge. That oftentimes amounts to warm beers or googling smart techniques to cool them. If you feel the article so far, don’t worry, we are here to tell you five simple techniques on how to cool your beer in a jiffy. 

1. The Classic Newspaper Or Wet Sock Technique 

This is one of the classic ones, and you might already be aware of this. Simply take a sock, dip it in water (cool or even room temperature will do), and then place your bottle of beer inside the sock. Find a breezy spot and let it hang for a couple of minutes. The result depends on what the weather is like in your area. Nonetheless, you will end up with a much cooler bottle/can of beer than you started. This wet sock technique can be replicated with strips of wet newspaper as well.  

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2. Cool Your Beer In An Icy Saltwater Solution

The title might sound complicated, but it’s not. The entire technique is given away by the title. First, you need to find a bowl, a bucket, or a utensil that’s big enough to hold water and your beer cans. A glass vessel is recommended, but you can use any that you have. First, place your bottle/can inside the container. Then, fill water along with ice cubes. Then, add several spoons of salt into the mixture. Don’t worry about adding too much salt, the more the better. Stir it and wait for 2-3 minutes. 

3. Compressed Air Cleaner Will Do The Trick

Remember the compressed air spray cans that you use to clean your keyboards? Yes, you can cool your beer using that. It’s extremely easy and efficient, especially if you are at a campsite. Simply turn your beer can upside down, then spray air on it as if you were cleaning it. And within minutes, you will have a chilled bottle of beer! 

cool your beer

4. Use A Drill Or A Mixer

Confused? Don’t worry, this is an excellent technique. This can be a little dangerous, so be careful when you try your hands at it. It’s better to have a friend to back you up in case of trouble. So, take a drill and attach a lid to the end of the drill that’s big enough to cover your bottle’s mouth. Open the bottle cap, insert the drill in, and give it a go in a bucket of ice. And, in just 60 seconds, you will be enjoying your ice chilled beer!

5. A Toilet Paper And A Freezer 

Okay, this technique needs a freezer. Of course, you can cool your beer inside a freezer. But you can be waiting for a whole hour to get the desired results. Not with this technique! Wrap your bottle of beer in slightly wet toilet paper and put it inside your freezer. And within 10 minutes, you can enjoy your chilled beverage!

Try these simple techniques to cool your beer, and you will not be disappointed.

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