Enjoy Your Beer Chilled To Perfection

beer chilled

Finding the perfect temperature for your beer is paramount. No one likes a warm glass. But does one temperature fit all? You could have the beer chilled, but if it is too icy, you won’t even get to enjoy its subtler tones. Ice-cold beers are perfect for summer days, but they sap all the flavor out of the beer.

Have Your Beer Chilled To Perfection

If you want to enjoy your beer chilled, take your pilsner at 6-degree Celsius. For heavier options like IPA or Triple, the temperature can go higher up, in the range of 8 to 14 degrees. Enjoy the true essence of a Triple at around 8-9 degrees, but go for 14 and above for heavier and darker items like Russian Imperial Stouts and Quadruples.

Find Your Flavor

If the crystals get frozen, how can you taste the real flavor of your beer? If you love the exotic IPAs, never make the mistake of taking your beer chilled. It will lose all its aroma. Also, the freezing temperatures usually dull your taste buds, and the beer will end up tasting like bitter water.

Perfect Temperature

beer chilled

Each beer shows its best side at different temperatures. This is why you can just ask your brewer for their recommendations. They have a better idea about which beer should be enjoyed at what temperature. An easy way to decide on the temperature would be to consider the alcohol content. If you have fractions, remember to round up, not round down. Suppose your drink has 6.5% of alcohol, so you can enjoy it best at 7-8 degrees Celcius, rather than going for 5 or 6 degrees.

But how do you know the temperature of your beer? You can’t possibly be carrying around a thermometer for that! You can use a simple trick.

Most of our refrigerators work at 4 or 5 degrees, while the bottom layers are more chilled. So in order to enjoy your beer chilled to perfection, keep it in the upper compartments if it’s a pilsner.

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For heavier items, take them out of the fridge and allow them to warm up a bit before you consume. If your choice has 10% or more alcohol content, either store them in a cold shed or warm it for at least 30 minutes before consumption.

Hope this article helps you enjoy your beer chilled to perfection. You
deserve only the best of this much-loved drink, so make sure you’re not
depriving your taste buds of the true flavors!

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