“Donate To Service Industry Workers By Drinking This Beer” – Hi-Wire Brewing’s Relief Efforts!


Even as the global economy comes crashing down, there is no end in sight to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has wreaked havoc over all sectors of life. While businesses are struggling to stay on their feet, many have come forward to help. Hi-Wire Brewing’s Relief efforts include a funky right-on-the-nose hoppy session IPA.

“Donate To Service Industry Workers By Drinking This Beer” is the release by the company. The proceeds will be used to help the staff in the beer industry who have lost or are losing their jobs. The unemployment crisis in the United States has seen a new high, with over 40 million citizens losing their jobs.

The company has planned to donate a part of their sales to the North Carolina Restaurant Workers Relief Fund and the USBG National Charity Foundation. The two organizations are currently providing monetary support to around 700,000 unemployed citizens.

Hi-Wire Brewing’s Relief Efforts Help Thousands

The hoppy IPA was released on their website shop.hiwirebrewing.com on 14th May 2020. They ship all over the country. The beer will be available at retailers in Asheville, Charlotte, Wilmington, Tennessee, Ohio, and Kentucky too. The company’s taprooms in Durham and Asheville also provide this hoppy IPA for pickup and even deliver to the locals.

Along with Hi-Wire Brewing’s relief efforts, the company has also brought forth three refreshing beers with flavors that will beat the summer heat.

First in the list is Citrus Wit. It has an ABV of 4.8 percent. The citrus provides the spring feel, while the coriander gives out a cool spice sensation. The lemon mixed with Asheville’s Appalachian Wheat makes the beer luxuriously creamy. This fresh new summer beverage is available at all Hi-Wire’s selling spots and shop.hiwirebrewing.com.

Second comes Citra Gose. It enjoys an ABV of 4.2 percent. This one is a must-try as it comes back on public demand. It is part of the company’s highly appreciated and anticipated Gose series. Made with a blend of tropical and citrus fruits, it creates an aromatic sour beer without any bitterness. You can get a taste of this beer in any of Hi-Wire’s outlets and/or website.

Last, but not the least, comes the beautiful Pink Lemonade Sour Session Ale, with an ABV of 4.2 percent. This beverage, perfect for dusk, gives out a fresh lemongrass aroma. It is sweet because of the raspberry and has a tinge of zest because of the lemon. You can get this perfect blend at all the Hi-Wire outlets and/or make a purchase from their website.

Hi-Wire Brewing’s relief efforts are commendable, to say the least. In times of crisis, it’s the job of humans to take care of fellow humans. So, while you buy the new releases, don’t forget to order the 6-pack “Donate To The Service Industry Workers By Drinking This Beer.”

Lean back, relax with the can in your hand. and know that you have helped.

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