Corona Beer And Its Namesake Virus: An Unexpected Victim Of The Global Pandemic


The latest global pandemic in the form of the deadly and contagious COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, has been gradually destroying the world as we know it. But not just humans, the virus has now claimed an unexpected victim in the form of its namesake beer brand –the Mexican Corona beer.

Corona Beer Virus: Unexpected Associations

Humor has always been a potent tool against every form of crisis. However, misinformed memes and trolls have skewed the perception of the consumers. The Corona beer, unfortunately, has the same name as that of the novel virus. According to the reports cited in Adweek, there has been a sudden spike in searches such as, “beer virus” or “corona beer virus”. Business Line, based on the reports of SemRush, makes a similar observation. This unexpected association between America’s one of the top three beer brands and the virus has lowered the purchase intent of the Corona beer considerably.

Even though the beer brand has nothing to do with either the contraction of the disease or its transmission, misinformation and general panic have led to a steady decline in its sales. Unfortunately, the damage seems to be getting worse. According to an article in Time, there has been a staggering 8% fall in the shares of Constellation Brands Inc., the maker of the eponymous beer. In fact, following a YouGov report, the article further notes that the Corona buzz score has sharply declined from a towering 75 to a mediocre 51–the lowest in years.

Other Possibilities

Other possibilities which might have led to this sudden decline are also being entertained. One such possibility being the fact that Corona beer has been a quintessential summer beverage perfect for beach vacations. In fact, public statements have been released by Constellation Brands, the manufacturer of the Corona beer denying any possibility of a decrease in sales due to the pandemic. According to the statement, cited in Business Line, they have even recorded a 5 percent increase in their sales in the US. 

Bill Newland, Constellation Brand’s President as well as the Chief Executive Officer, has claimed that all the recent news regarding the impact of the virus on the beer brand’s sales as well as reputation are completely false.

He further adds that the news has been relayed without any investigation and is invalid. According to the feedback from the brand’s distributors and retailers, there has been no change in the sentiment of the consumers.

Misinformation and Fake News

Perhaps the only crisis which could be equivalent to the virus pandemic, in terms of destructiveness, would be that of misinformation. Similar instances have been observed in India where the poultry sales took a  tremendous hit. The sales nearly halved due to a social media rumor that eating nonvegetarian food such as fish or chicken will cause one to contract the virus.

The coronavirus crisis has taken a monstrous shape with over a million confirmed cases and the pandemic has taken over 50 thousand lives globally. Stay safe everyone!

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