Cornell’s New York Grain Adaptability Is The Beer Industry’s Key To Success

New York Grain By Cornell University

New York grain has been recently developed by Cornell. It is the very first type of barley of spring malting variety. This grain is designed to thrive in the wet climate of New York. It is also meant to lend support to the $5 billion state industry of craft beer.

Now, the only thing needed is a great name for this New York grain.

The CALS, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, in collaboration with the Agriculture Department of NY State and Markets had planned to co-host a contest from 3rd December. This contest was set to decide upon a name for this favorable New York grain that presently goes by the name of CU-31.

Any person who had an interest in the NY craft brewery was offered an opportunity to analyze the rules. Then they could submit the entry form through the online website of the contest.

New York Grain Brings Promise

The winner of the New York grain naming contest was to be announced on 16th December. It was to be held at the Empire State Barley & Malt Summit. They were also offering free registration for the general public this year.

The winner is to get a growler container that will have the saying ‘Think NY, Drink NY’. This is offered by the Brewers Association of the New York State.

New York Grain, By Cornell University

Credits Cornell University

The New York grain was released by the plant breeders of CALS in March. The success of the grain is of utmost importance for the craft brewers of NY. This is because they are striving to reach the 2012 standards set by Farm Brewing Law. This law demands brewers to gradually increase the quantity of the state-sourced ingredients put in the beer.

At present, the requirement for ingredients is 60%. On 1st January there will be an increase of 30%.

CU-31 is resistant to local mycological pathogens as well as pre-harvest germination in NY’s wet climate. It is being grown into seeds for commercial purposes. NY brewers are expected to avail of it from fall 2021.

Long Grain Developing Process

Francis Domoy, the commercial developer of CU-31, has said that the New York grain has great uniformity, big head size, stiffness, and plump kernels. Domoy was a part of the research trials from 2017-18. He felt honored to be involved in the development of the grain.

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NY is 2nd in the number of breweries with a $5.5 billion economic impact in 2018. Currently, NY has 472 breweries together with 268 farm beer factories.

Governor Andrew Cuomo gave support to CALS in 2014 for farmers to adopt the best harvesting practices involved in malting barley. By 2017, over 70% of this grain was up to expected standards. This was due to the efforts of the CALS team along with Cornell, Genesee Valley Market Authority, and Ag & Markets.

An official of Ag & Market has stated that the development of the New York grain was critical for the brewing industry as well as the agricultural producers.

Image Featured: Jeremy Veverka

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