Cookie Butter Beer From Trader Joe’s Will Soon Be In Stores Nearest To You


2020 has been horrible, we agree. But there are still some things to look forward to- beer and desserts. Although most of us think of them as individual items that may or may not be mixed, that is so not the case. Let us just inform you that Trader Joe’s has come out with a dessert beer to satisfy both tastes. And if you don’t believe us, you can simply visit your nearest Trader Joe to find shelves filled with the stuff. 

This confidential information comes straight from Trader Joe’s podcast, which gives interesting insights into the grocery chain. Catherine Rhodes, the product developer for this company, showed the inside of the manufacturing sector, where this product is being produced. According to her, the Cookie Butterbeer will hit most stores in the coming months. As that would be a godsend- the weather would have cooled down enough, and we would still be in the mood for drinking. Chances are, for the safety of all, we would still be spending a lot of time inside our homes. With a beer in hand, of course!
Most of the dessert beers that Trader Joe’s is concocting will have flavors that represent the company. For example, their famous Cookie Butter will feature in the Cookie Butterbeer. This particular recipe took 18 tries to perfect. Since Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter is its chef-d’oeuvre, getting it just right is the only thing that matters. The company has to replicate exactly what’s in the jar.

Trader Joe’s: More Beer, Less Cookies

This concoction weighs in heavily at around 9.5 percent ABV, making the dessert more alcoholic than just cookies in a jar. But well, you are not supposed to have an entire 6-pack of this stuff- a couple would knock you down. 

Cookie Butter Beer from Trader Joe’s might be the one to look forward to, but that isn’t the only option available. By Halloween, shelves will be filled with Coffee Peanut Butter Cup Porters. Then you would have two offerings (holiday themes)- Toasty Cookie Spice Cider and Ginger Beard Spiced Trout. The podcast didn’t give much information about the last couple since they would be out quite late in the year. 

We know that shopping at Trader Joe’s can become quite overwhelming, especially during social distancing. But once they start producing their dessert beers for the crowd, things will definitely get better. 

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