Beer Life Video Producer Needed

We are officially looking for someone to join our team that lives the beer life and has the skill level to edit hilarious videos for our audience of over 1 million. This person needs to be cool and submits their videos on time. We all love having a good time but sticking to a deadline is important. The role is simple, you find hilarious content from across the web and make compilation videos and edits to share across Beer Life’s social media channels.

Tasks include… 

  • Source hilarious content from around the web to create beer life content
  • Come up with creative, funny content
  • Submit minimum one beer life video per week
  • Create compilation videos (chugs, fails, movie scenes, people doing awesome things) 

An idea of videos and content we are looking to create with your help. 

Please fill out the following information to apply for the position... 

    Contact with any questions