Colorado Beer Company Comes Up Short of Billion Dollars Needed to Buy Colorado Rockies

The local craft brewer only came up 99.9% short of their GoFundMe target


It’s probably hard to know what it’s like to be a Colorado Rockies fan if you’re not a Colorado Rockies fan. In 29 years as a Major League Baseball franchise, the team has never won a World Series. They went once in 2007 and were swept by the Boston Red Sox. Their record over the course of their franchise is below .500, with only a smattering of truly competitive years. While the Rockies have played fairly well at home in their unique, mile-high home ballparks, their road record each year tends to be their downfall. To put it bluntly, their fans in Denver and beyond have grown restless.

That’s where the Denver Beer Co. stepped in. The local brewer set up a GoFundMe page to raise the approximately one billion dollars it believed would be needed to purchase the franchise away from brother owners, Charles and Richard Monfort. Charles and Richard being of the Monfort meatpacking family of Colorado. Insert your own meatpacking jokes.

Now, according to multiple sources, the Rockies franchise is worth around $1.3 billion. That’s toward the bottom of MLB franchise values, given the relatively smaller media market in Denver and the poor performance of the franchise through the years. For comparison, the New York Yankees, the most valuable franchise in the MLB, is estimated to have a value in the $5.5 billion range. But $1 billion for the Rockies certainly would’ve been in the ballpark, pun not intended.

Sadly, the GoFundMe page by the craft brewer was only able to raise about $7,000 in its fundraising cycle. So, slightly south of the billion-dollar goal. However, the Denver Beer Co. owners have announced they will be taking that seven grand to the Monfort brothers with an official offer to buy the Rockies nevertheless. It’s a nice idea. Even nicer, the Denver Beer Co. plans on donating the proceeds to locally pandemic relief efforts, on the off chance their offer is refused.

Where does that leave Rockies fans? If you’re a long-time fan of a perennially struggling pro franchise, you understand exactly where. It rhymes with fitter, but it starts with a sh-. Nobody knows the struggle of the fans of a losing team except others just like them.

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