Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson Is Not Deshaun Watson

They don't even spell their names the same. But this doesn't mean they don't have some things in common. They both play quarterback in the NFL, neither has won jack shit in said NFL,...
Brady Mahomes

Will Patrick Mahomes Get As Many Rings As Tom ‘Gollum’ Brady?

Well, most NFL quarterbacks come to realize it's hard as hell to get a ring. Even the best of them (and Eli Manning) are often fortunate just to claim one or two. Joe Montana...
Patrick Mahomes MVP

Super Bull: How The Eagles Got Played Dirty, Like A Whore

It really wasn't the holding penalty, even though it never should have been called. Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni was right to dismiss the notion that the game was won or lost on that...
Miles Sanders

Are The Eagles The Luckiest Super Bowl Team Ever?

The Eagles are the lucky-to-be-here team. Not in a Chargers way, like when they showed up and promptly gave up 15 touchdowns to Steve Young. No, the Eagles are actually good. But they had...
nfl conference championship recap

NFL Conference Championship Recap: Brotherly Love Ahead

As the AFC Championship neared the end of the fourth quarter Sunday Night, it appeared that the Bengals and Chiefs were set to head for overtime for the second straight year. Then a brutal...
Joe Burrow

The NFL Playoffs: Don’t Be Surprised By The Lack Of Surprises

And then there were four! The NFL's final four (Eagles, Chiefs, Bengals, 49ers) are clearly the best in the field. So far these playoffs have been about as exciting as choosing between left and...
nfl divisional round recap

NFL Divisional Round Recap: Hurts So Good

When Jalen Hurts returned to the field to help the Eagles secure a first-round bye in Week 18, it was not at the standard he had established during an MVP-worthy start to the season....
Justin Herbert

NFL Playoff Thoughts (And Prayers For Charger Fans)

At what point did Charger fans know they were doomed? We could all feel it happening with such inevitability, yet it was such a slow-motion collapse, like Titanic. It took hours. Justin Herbert is a...
nfl wild card recap

NFL Wild Card Recap: Giant Rematch Set in Philadelphia

On a weekend of spectacular playoff debuts, New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones stole the spotlight. The competition was stiff: 49ers rookie Brock Purdy threw for 300+ yards, threw 3 touchdowns and ran in another,...
Patrick Mahomes

The NFL Playoffs: Who’s Screwed And Other Loose Ends

The 2022 NFL Playoff table is set! For the most part, everyone got what they deserved. Like when someone farts at a dinner party. But this doesn't mean a lot of weird shit didn't go...


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