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The Idea and Mission

BeerLife is all about having fun and giving back! That's why we launched The BeerLife World Chug Championships to give the best weekend chuggers a forum to have fun, compete, and help raise money for their favorite charities!

How To Participate



Record yourself taking a drink or chugging a beer



Post it on your instagram feed and tag @beerlifeofficial



Go to https://beerlife.com/entries and vote for your chug and share it with friends to support your chug as the winner.



The chug with the most votes wins a cash prize for themselves AND their favorite Charity!

Beer Chug Contest

The chug with the most votes will win a cash
prize for themselves and their favorite charity!

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Frequently asked question

Is there a limit to how many times I can participate?

Nope. There no limits how many times you can submit a new chug or drink. Simply drink, tag our account, and submit. We will donate $1 per submission.

Where exactly will the money be donated?

The money will be donated to DirectRelief.ord/emergency/coronavirus-outbrek/. This fund is dedicated to giving protective gear and critical care medications to as many health workers as possbile. Direct relief of the largest administrative charities in the space.

Why did we choose First Responders?

First Responders are currently fighting on the front lines in the battle against COVID-19. Central to the mission of Beerlife is the have fun and give back. We at Beerlife wanted to find a fun way to do good for those most in need during these challenging times.

What is Beerlife Official

Beerlife is an irreverent entertainment and lifestyle brand for those who love beer. Our goal is to entertain our audience and make their lives more fun. We do that through our various social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Beerlife.com, and original content.