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The Professor’s 2021 NFL Preview: AFC South – Indianapolis Colts

have fielded a roster capable of competing for a Super Bowl. The key variable in the equation has been the quarterback position, and as that has varied, so have the team’s fortunes.

How Offensive Coordinator Changes Impact Player Projections

Building a model to project NFL outcomes and statistics requires considerations on many fronts, and understanding strategy is an important one. The offensive coordinator has the lead role in the design of the offense and makes the play calls on game day, and understanding the philosophy a new coordinator will bring is a key factor in accurately predicting which skill players will generate production. These skill player projections are critical for fantasy football in all forms, as well as player props, and understanding what an offensive coordinator change means can create an edge in player valuation.

The Professor’s 2021 NFL Preview: AFC South – Houston Texans

veteran staked his future to Houston, declaring that he would not accept another trade after bouncing around the league since he was drafted by the Saints in 2014.
TheProfessor_NFL preview-washington

The Professor’s 2021 NFL Preview: NFC East – Washington Football Team

While owner Daniel Snyder has by no means slowed the off-field circus around his life, it seems that in head coach Ron Rivera, he finally has a football leader capable of successfully running the team despite Snyder’s presence.

The Best Football Daily Fantasy Apps

It would be an understatement to say daily fantasy is a popular way to gamble on sports. Because of sports betting laws, it might be THE most popular way to gamble. If you did a quick Google search for “Fantasy Sports’, you would be bombarded with sites ready to accept your deposit.
TheProfessor_NFL preview-Eagles

The Professor’s 2021 NFL Preview: NFC East – Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are employing an interesting strategy as they move on from many of the components of their Super Bowl team. They’ve opened up 2021 to allow Jalen Hurts to audition for the quarterback role long-term, and with the NFL’s shift toward more use of the quarterback run game, that’s a viable proposition.

The Professor’s 2021 NFL Preview: NFC East – New York Giants

Considering how often general manager Dave Gettleman has publicly announced his commitment to the offensive line, it’s somewhat amazing to look at how this roster has come together. There’s a lot to like about the team he’s assembled, but they’ve missed so often on offensive linemen that it’s one of the weakest position groups on the team.
TheProfessor_NFL preview_cowboys

The Professor’s 2021 NFL Preview: NFC East – Dallas Cowboys

Micah Parsons, a height-weight-speed freak out of Penn State who brings pass rush ability as an off-the-ball linebacker, has the potential to become an All-Pro. Even so, when the Dallas Cowboys selected him with their first-round draft pick, it was hard not to reflect on the setbacks this organization has endured over the past few years.

Lessons Learned from Review of Predictive Model’s Win Totals

The process of projecting an NFL season requires an attempt to consider the wide range of outcomes for each player and team that could play out in the coming season, with the ultimate aim of coming as close as possible to projecting the current version of a player or team.
TheProfessor_NFL preview-Jets

The Professor’s 2021 NFL Preview: AFC East – New York Jets

The New York Jets have been as dysfunctional at the owner-GM-coach level as any team in the NFL over the past few years, which has been evident in their constant turnover at the non-owner roles in that chain.

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