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MLB DFS Strategy For DraftKings Vs FanDuel

MLB DFS Strategy For DraftKings Vs. FanDuel

wer and seasoned DFS players alike is to fail to understand the differences and nuances between DFS sites. Strategy can vary significantly based on what platform you are playing on. While the basics remain the same, it is essential to recognize the differences in format between sites and play accordingly. Here I will highlight some of the critical differences between DraftKings and FanDuel as they apply to MLB DFS. This way, we can better understand each site and cater our play for optimal results.
How To Choose Stacks In MLB DFS

How To Choose Stacks In MLB DFS

One of the first things you realize when learning to play MLB DFS is that it is not simply a game of choosing individual players you think will do well. Due to the nature of baseball, stacking multiple players from the same offense, as many as allowed by the DFS platform in most cases, is imperative to success in MLB DFS tournaments.

Single-Entry Tournament Strategy For MLB DFS

One of the most often overlooked factors in DFS is contest selection and the optimal strategies to use when building lineups for the particular contest you are in. Many DFS players tend to ignore much of the lobby on their DFS site of choice and simply enter the massive GPPs with the largest prize pools.

Five Factors Most MLB DFS Players Overlook

gnificant edge over the field if you take them into consideration. DFS players often focus on obvious factors such as implied team totals, the general quality of the offenses, and individual player quality and stats. Since everyone else is looking at the same things, it is essential to find ways to gain an advantage by taking into account information that most people are not. Let's dig into some of these often overlooked finer points of MLB DFS.
8 Ways To Play The Chalk And Still Gain Leverage In MLB DFS

8 Ways To Play The Chalk And Still Gain Leverage In MLB DFS

In MLB DFS, we often find that ownership condenses heavily on certain team stacks/hitters/pitchers. It gets to the point that playing these high-owned picks (what is called "chalk" in sports gambling parlance) can become an unfavorable expected value decision.

How To Choose Pitchers In MLB DFS

Picking the right pitchers in MLB DFS tournaments is one of the more overlooked aspects of the game. There is a tendency to simply...

MLB DFS Strategy Based On Slate Size

n DFS, there is a tendency to seek a one-size-fits-all strategy for approaching all slates. We want to repeat the same process every day for every slate and achieve profitable results.
MLB Biggest Trade Deadline Sellers And DFS Impact

MLB Biggest Trade Deadline Sellers And DFS Impact

While a few teams made big moves at the deadline to bolster their lineups and make a push for the postseason, some sold off...
MLB Trade Deadline-Acqusitions

MLB Trade Deadline: Biggest Offensive Acquisitions And DFS Impact

The MLB trade deadline has passed, and we've seen some of the more significant trades of the last few years in 2021. Some of these will have some pretty substantial DFS impact as a few teams got a lot better. Let's look at the clubs that made key moves and how they apply to DFS for the rest of the season.
Five Considerations for MLB DFS

Five Considerations For Late-Season MLB DFS In 2021

to consider post-All-Star break as we get into the season's later months. We can break these factors into five categories, with a unique one specific to these times in particular: trades, motivation, rest, late-season call-ups, and COVID-19.