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10 Common Strategies For DraftKings MLB DFS

In my years of playing DFS on DraftKings, I have learned many common strategies one can use to craft winning tournament lineups. I am going to share 10 of these concepts with you here.

Game Theory: How To Use Ownership In MLB DFS Tournaments

n MLB DFS and DFS in general, too many players fail to fully realize that DFS itself is a game played against other players, much like the actual sports games that DFS is based on.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes In DraftKings MLB DFS

Big money is being left on the table every day by players who aren't giving themselves a decent chance to win. Sticking to optimal strategies that will pay out over the long run is of great importance if you are looking to be a profitable MLB DFS player. Too many of us are making the same mistakes repeatedly and paying the price in US dollars. 

How To Mass Enter MLB DFS Contests

As you get more and more into DFS, you start noticing that top players enter as many as 150 entries into the big GPP contests. You may have the urge to dabble in multi-entry instead of making just one lineup in these big GPPs.

How To Use Prop Bets And Betting Lines In MLB DFS

Highly advanced projection models may consider specific additional analytical data to give us insights that a line might not. Still, Vegas is a great place to start in our MLB DFS process.

How To Play MLB Single Game Showdown DFS

Single-game contests, also known as "showdown" contests, are becoming a more and more popular format on DFS sites across major sports. It can be a lot simpler to analyze the players from one game and quickly construct a roster we feel good about.

How To Craft A Winning MLB DFS Tournament Lineup

In DFS, new players often come into it thinking that it is a game of predicting player performance and landing on all...

Cash Game Vs. Tournament Strategy In MLB DFS (Part Two)

You'll find that for GPP tournaments the best techniques for winning are almost a mirror image of cash game strategies. You have to unlearn your cash game tendencies when playing tournaments, and vice versa.

Cash Game Vs. Tournament Strategy In MLB DFS (Part One)

Double-ups, 50/50s, head to heads, multipliers, GPP's, oh my! An initial look at the DraftKings and FanDuel lobbies...

The Top 5 Mistakes Almost Every MLB Bettor Makes

At Ride the Wave Locks, we know baseball. Both as a sport and as a betting opportunity. It's our passion. And as...

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