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Bruins Wins 3-2 over Rangers

DraftKings Sued By Michigander For Not Paying Off Winning Bet

In February, a Michigan man named Ryan Cristman bet with DraftKings, the NHL Bruins + 3 goals. Meaning, the Bruins would have to lose by more than 3 goals for him to lose his $915 bet, or by 3 for a push. The Bruins ended up winning that games against the Rangers 3-2 that evening. Cristman was due over 5K in payout from that bet. But DraftKings did not oblige.

Next State Stepping Into Legal Sports Gambling — Ohio

Ohio is advancing forth on legal sports gambling enabling a series of commissions and bureaucracies and licensing processes to control the business as only government can -- bloatedly.
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida

Sports Betting in Florida Still Facing Multiple Obstacles

In Florida, expanding gambling to include sports betting meant a new compact with the Native American tribes that control the state's legal gambling operations on their federally sanctioned lands. To win, elected leaders in Florida including Governor Ron DeSantis moved to update the agreement between the state and the tribes to allow for sports bookmaking. Now, here's where the legal rub comes in.
Nebraska Cornhuskers Football

College Sports Gambling Coming to Nebraska

If you're not a Nebraskan, or familiar with the state, University of Nebraska football is a rather big event. Like, statewide big. With six new casinos opening up at the state's licensed racetracks, the question for the sportsbooks inside the casinos was whether to allow bets on Nebraska football games. More specifically, Nebraska home games.
Sports betting is coming to Alabama

Sports Betting Coming to Alabama, Maybe

Alabama seems headed in the Casablanca direction itself, with a revived bill allowing for casinos, a total of nine if you include Native tribal land. And these casinos will have pro and college sports betting.

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Free news, analysis, and picks for NFL, CFB, MLB, PGA Golf, Tennis, and more.