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Beer Life brings to you news, stories, and funny life moments involving the best drink ever invented, beer.

Two Beerded Guys Fast Nine
We tried to send the Indiana-native Two Beerded Guys to the Indy 500 to cover the race, but something about probation conditions, restraining orders, and somebody trying to slap Helio Castroneves on his bum meant that wasn't possible. So we fell back on what the Two Beerded Guys do best -- drinking beer.
Alabama: Bud Light You don't need to guess whether or not people are Bud Light drinkers or Alabama fans, because they'll tell you within 15 minutes of meeting them. People take on this beer and this school as a personality. They will yell out...
Resurgence Brewing Company in Buffalo
We reported a couple of weeks ago on Budweiser offering a coupon for a free Bud at a bar for the first 10,000 vaccine selfies submitted by fans. Last week, the state of New Jersey cooked up a deal with a couple of dozen bars in the state to offer a free drink to vaccine recipients with their proper QR code. And now a brewery in Buffalo is taking the matter intensely locally, and upping the ante, with a Shot and a Chaser to everybody receiving their first vaccine shot right there in the bar.
Yuengling will begin production at Coors facilities in Fort Worth, Texas, meaning the secret family beer recipe had to be delivered from Pennsylvania to Texas.
That's where the Denver Beer Co. stepped in. The local brewer set up a GoFundMe page to raise the approximately one billion dollars it believed would be needed to purchase the franchise away from brother owners, Charles and Richard Monfort.
For the past ten years, Chris Drosner has been writing a beer column in the Wisconsin State Journal. Drosner penned nearly 350 columns in that time, covering reviews of 419 different beers. As you might expect, the question he receives about his work more than any other...
It’s a hard search to find a good movie with the word “beer” in its name. So hard we included Strange Brew, which technically doesn’t even fit. We needed one above-average film, so people didn’t read this list and become so despondent they started self-harming by watching soccer or something. Apologies in advance to nations where land is very cheap.
Budweiser wants to buy America a beer. Well, not all of America, but vaccinated America. And not all of vaccinated America, but the first 10,000 vaccinated Americans who apply. Also, you have to provide them with a bunch of personal information, a selfie at the clinic, and...
Hokie Beer
Brandy Salmon, the associate VP for the partnerships and innovation at Virginia Tech has recently made a public statement about their new partnership. This new collaboration with Hardywood is being formed in order to produce Hokie beer. She informed, that this exclusive partnership will move beyond the traditional trademark...
virtual beer games
The holiday season is incomplete without some games to lighten up the mood. This is the time you spend with your friends and family. So, if you need to find a way to break the ice or avoid uncomfortable silences, what better way than to kickstart your evening with...

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