Free Budweiser Beer for COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients

Even the Clydesdales are getting in on the action.


Budweiser wants to buy America a beer. Well, not all of America, but vaccinated America. And not all of vaccinated America, but the first 10,000 vaccinated Americans who apply. Also, you have to provide them with a bunch of personal information, a selfie at the clinic, and sign up for a marketing promotions contest. No word yet on whether or not you have to offer them your firstborn son in sacrifice. For this, you will receive a virtual debit card worth one Budweiser beer.

Budweiser will receive a lot of publicity for this promotion because it surrounds the whole vaccination conversation currently taking place in our country. Regardless of your personal feelings about the COVID-19 vaccination, we are now entering the stage where most people who lined up for the shot have been jabbed once or twice and the remaining population of the unvaccinated may be a less inclined set. This is why you’re seeing or about to see every celebrity who was ever famous for fifteen minutes or more in a PSA on TV or radio extolling the vaccine. Similarly, every major corporate interest will be running ads encouraging the vaccine as well.

Budweiser sign hangs over Fenway Park in Boston
Where on earth would you find people lining up for a single free bottle of beer? Oh, hi, Boston sports fans.

This leads us back to Budweiser. One beer? Really? Will Sunkist be offering a shot of orange juice? Will Juicy Fruit be offering one stick of gum? You can do the math on the cost to Budweiser on 10,000 wholesale bottles of their brew and that’s not a lot of skin in the vaccine promotion department. Not to mention they’re collecting your information for marketing benefits.

Of course, the larger offense remains Budweiser ad copy people referring to their customers as “Buds”. Buds are guys you sauna with in the middle of the summer after you tell your wife your bowling because you’re embarrassed to say the words “group of men” and “sauna”. Sauna buds. It sounds better in Finnish. If we could make a plea to Budweiser for anything, it’s not for so cheaply being part of the vaccine marketing effort, it’s using slang terms for your customers that you customers never use for one another.

We can’t wait to see our Buds.
But when we do, let’s do so safely.

Budweiser Marketing Campaign Cringe Copy

On a truly positive note, social gatherings, bars, restaurants, and breweries, and brewpubs are returning around the country after a very long drought. If you ever needed a metaphor for Spring in beer terms, this would be it. Get out and enjoy, even if you can’t whip out your virtual debit card for the first free beer.

Thanks, Buds.

P.S. Can I get a copy of the mailing list of the 10,000 who signed up for this? I’ve got some Herbalife in my garage I really need to move.

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