Bryson DeChambeau Spotted UFO’s and Lived To Tell About It

UFO sightings continue to happen during beers in the backyard time at an alarming rate.

Bryson_DeChambeau UFOs

Bryson DeChambeau is no golfing lightweight. The man has an incredible driving presence powered by a very untraditional body mass which has led him to eight PGA Tour victories including one U.S. Open title in 2020. Let’s not compare where we all were at 27.

So when the California native says he saw UFOs flying above his backyard, you should take him seriously. Not seriously like UFOs exist seriously, but more like, can I have some of what you’re taking kind of seriously.

On Sirius XM’s PGA Tour channel hyping up this week’s PGA Championship at Kiawah Island, DeChambeau brought up a time last year when he was with a buddy and his golf instructor in his yard and they all spotted three objects flashing in a “triangular pattern” across the sky. DeChambeau went on to note, the disc-like objects appeared as white specks in the sky, but you could clearly make out they had a top and bottom. So if you’re wondering how earth-based space crafts capable of intergalactic travel will look in two thousand years, understand, they will have both tops and bottoms. Incredible.

DeChambeau was quick to point out that his buddy Adam Hurley was the first one to spot the unidentified flying objects in the sky. Because that’s something you do when your buddy isn’t there to retort, “Um, no, you said you saw them, I said you were drunk, then we tussled, and you fell into the inflatable pool and we all laughed.” History is written by those who have the most media appearances.

“They kept floating to the right, and then all of a sudden one didn’t move and the other two moved away and they went further and further to the right… from that, about 15 minutes in, 20 minutes in they started moving back the other way,”

— Bryson DeChambeau, alien documentarian

The popular PGA tour golfer said he took pictures of the visiting spacecraft, though neither NASA, NORAD or the NSA have been willing to confirm the photos because that’s what you do when you’re trying to cover up the greatest alien visitation in the history of the planet for space laser research reasons.

DeChambeau claims that his little cadre of backyard hanger-outers went inside for five or ten minutes and came back out and discovered the UFOs were all gone from the sky. If you guessed they went inside for another round, you probably wouldn’t be wrong.

What does this mean for DeChambeau’s chances at the 2021 PGA Championship this weekend? Let’s just say if you notice his drives not only appearing to defy gravity but literally breaking the laws of gravity, that means They are still here.

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