Breweries Introduce Black Is Beautiful Beer To Promote Racial Equality


Since the public murder of George Floyd in May, protests for racial justice and equality have been raging on in America. Many ally business industries have come forward to show their support to African-Americans during these tough times. Campaigns promoting Black businesses have also been on the rise. The beer industry has also stepped up by introducing Black Is Beautiful Beer to show their support. 

Several local breweries in Florida are pushing this message of solidarity and hope. This initiative aims to help African-American entrepreneurs gain a stable footing in the beer industry. 

Janel Bacote, the founder of Shades of Hopz, expressed disbelief in the lack of Black representation. This was shocking given that the beer industry is one of the biggest in Florida. 

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Black Is Beautiful Beer Profits To Go To Groups Fighting For Racial Equality 

In an interview with Action News Jax, Bobby Baker and Janel Bacote informed that over 900 local breweries across the U.S. are participating in the Black Is Beautiful Beer initiative.

Bacote said that the Craft Beer industry in America amounts to at least a billion dollars. But because of racial prejudice and inequality, many minority communities have found the industry unwelcoming. 

Bobby Baker added that they were beyond happy when local breweries in Jacksonville contacted them to be a part of the Black Is Beautiful Beer initiative. 

Bacote informed media sources that the initial idea was brewed in a Texan brewery, Weathered Souls Brewery. The initiative began as a campaign to fight racial inequality and injustice while bringing the issue to light. 

Black Is Beautiful Beer

Bacote further added that the most interesting and powerful thing about this initiative is that, for the first time, every brewery who’s participating in the initiative is brewing the same beer. This is something that’s practically unheard of in the beer industry. 

The Black Is Beautiful Beer recipe has been uploaded here. Every brewery who’s participating in this equality-driven movement is encouraged to use the recipe to brew some refreshing beer. The only condition is that the total money raised through this beer has to be donated to organizations and programs that support minority inclusion and racial equality. 

Inclusion, Equality, And Harmony For All

Bacote informed Action News Jax that after the surge in recent Black Lives Matter protests, several businesses wanted to contribute to the cause. She added that many local brewery owners contacted her asking what they can do to help the Black community. Bacote further added that change would come only if the local breweries reflect on their actions. She said that businesses need to make sure that their space and staff are minority-friendly. 

Bacote added that people need to remember that this cause is a long-term one. She said that people need to continue their support even after the hype around the cause dies down. 

In conclusion, Bacote said, the Black Is Beautiful beer initiative hopes racial justice, equality, and harmony for all.

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