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*** Picks and betting insight texted right to your phone *** top-tier vetted handicappers cheat sheets that give you hours of reading and analysis in simple texts *** deep dives into sports betting data and forecasts from our team of top analysts.
  • The Oracle Premiere Algorithm Picks Texted Right to Your Phone (INCLUDED)
  • Timely Updates and Cheat Sheets INCLUDED)
  • The BLS Parlay Calculator (INCLUDED)
  • Access to The Professor's Predictive Modeling and Insider Forecasting (INCLUDED)
  • Premium Analysis on Where, Who, and How to Bet (INCLUDED)

The Oracle (Up +65 UNITS DURING THE NFL 2021-22 SEASON

The BeerLife Sports Oracle is legendary in sports handicapping circles with a predictive algorithm so good (62%+ ATS over a decade!) he's been kicked out of multiple sportsbooks. The winner of the 2020 Dr.Locks.MD football pool texts up to the minute gameday picks right to your telephone for easy action.

The Professor's Prop Bets and DFS Plays

Steven Clinton, the BeerLife Sports Professor, has been studying football game film literally since childhood. He's merged his love of football with his passion for mathematics and predictive modeling to create amazingly insightful forecasts for team and player performance, and how it deviates from the Vegas books, providing betting values.

Cheat Sheets Texted Right to Your Phone!

Whether it's prop bets or winning DFS lineups, we've got cheat sheets and analysis we've summarized for your quick action, sent right to your phone. Nobody else on the web does this for you.

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