BeerLife Sports DFS Golf Strategy Guide

BeerLife Sports DFS Golf Strategy Guide

The ultimate goal of daily fantasy golf on services like DraftKings is to score as many fantasy points as possible, which means having as many of your golfers make the cut as feasible. If there is a cut, that is. Unlike in other daily fantasy sports, cheap plays aren’t always beneficial unless they make the cut. They can beat expectations, but if they don’t stick around for the weekend, they’ll be a horrible bet.

Daily fantasy golf is one of the most irritating and enjoyable sports to play in daily fantasy sports. The fact that you have to deal with your lineup for four days in a row adds to the frustration of daily fantasy golf. If something goes wrong with one of your lineups, this can be a difficult situation. I will show you how to succeed in DFS golf and set yourself apart from the people who choose random golfers.

I’ve discovered that having an excellent all-around team rather than a stars/scrubs lineup is usually preferable. You may correctly predict the tournament champion, but if only two or three of your golfers make the cut, you will struggle in cash games and GPPs. That’s not to say I don’t use value plays, but I’ve had a lot of success putting together teams based on their chances of making the cut rather than winning the tournament. So, here’s what I look for each week.


When playing weekly fantasy golf tournaments, it’s crucial to understand that most events will have a cut after two rounds. This is critical because you could lose two rounds of points if your selected golfers miss the cut.


When you first start playing PGA DFS, you’ll notice that betting odds are usually closely tied to a golfer’s income. So one technique to uncover possibly underpriced golfers is to sort by Vegas odds. Chez Reavie exemplifies this. In a recent competition, he had the 24th-best odds to win. On DraftKings, though, he was priced outside the top 50 players, making him a good value.


Many golf experts emphasize the importance of a golfer’s form, simply a buzzword for whether or not a golfer has been hot or cool recently. DFS players frequently target players that are in high form, hoping that their recent success will transfer over to the tournament of interest. In DFS contests, recent outcomes are far too heavily weighted, both in terms of ownership and price. Due to the short-term volatility of golf results, current data has a far lower predictive potential than long-term success. Even the best golfers have slumped. Depending on how bad the slump is, they will usually experience a significant price drop.

You may come in and target established golfers at a price and ownership discount because most of the field focuses on golfers in good form. Regardless of how uncomfortable it may be to choose a golfer who has been missing cuts or not performing up to their regular standards recently, practically every golfer with strong history statistics eventually rebounds back. No rule says an ice-cold golfer can’t finish in the top five, or a hot player can’t miss the cut. Both are common occurrences.


Each week, we may look at various PGA numbers, but the ones I like to focus on for my DraftKings research are driving distance, driving accuracy, greens in regulation, strokes gained, and scrambling. As a result, specific numbers are more valuable at different courses, and even in other conditions, therefore your strategy must adapt week to week. Some courses, for example, are bombers with wide fairways and forgiving rough. Driving Distance is the most crucial factor in these types of courses, whereas Driving accuracy is less critical.

On the other side, you can have a course with small fairways and deep rough, in which case accuracy will take precedence over distance. When golf metrics are applied correctly every week, you may jump ahead of your competition at DraftKings, as many individuals will overlook key course details and pick the best overall golfer.


You will accrue points faster in fantasy golf on a platform like DraftKings based on birdies and eagles. Therefore you want golfers that can attack golf courses. It’s crucial to keep track of birdie and eagle leaders for the season because they’re a surefire way to get points. Don’t just look at the apparent options; you’ll want players who will cost you less, and golfers who score a lot of birdies can sometimes earn you points even if they also make bogeys.


I don’t obsess over the wind, but it is something to think about some weeks. There are some situations where you can stack tee times to get an advantage. For example, it would be worth considering if a morning round is forecast to be less windy than an afternoon round. When you’re only playing one round of golf on a Showdown PGA schedule, it’s advantageous.


As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider when trying to pick your perfect lineup each week. At this point, you might be wondering why a website that offers a picking service would share this information, and the simple answer is honesty. At BeerLife, we are always honest and transparent. However, what sets us apart is our skilled writers and bettors have years of experience and know exactly what to look for. So let us do the donkey work for you and you can sit back and enjoy.

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