Beer Vs. Hard Liquor: Which Should Be Your Go-To Option?

Beer vs. hard liquor

There is nothing better than a few hearty laughs with your friends while you kick-back with a can of beer. However, some might argue that there is nothing more relaxing than a few pegs of hard liquor to provide a sufficient buzz you need after a long and exhausting day.

So, in this article, we will explore this difficult debate of beer vs. hard liquor. Doctors argue that both these drinks are fine when taken in moderation. And as we know, too much of anything is not good. So, let’s dive into the holiday mood with this little FYI in mind.

Beer Vs. Hard Liquor: Measure The Calories

When it comes to Calories, one can argue that hard liquor is the better option. If you are looking to fit into those skinny jeans that you purchased long back, then a regular diet comprising beer might not be the ideal choice. Also, vodka-lovers might be excited to know that vodka is one of the lowest-calorie alcoholic beverages. Plus, it has zero carbs. So, if you are sticking to any particular diet, don’t worry because you can still have fun. Just remember to avoid sugary add-ons to mix with your drink. Whereas in this sector, beer can take a back seat as it is loaded with carbs and has around 40-100 calories depending on the type.

Beer Vs. Hard Liquor: Who’s Got Better Health Benefits?

When you are consuming alcohol, most people miss out on the amazing list of health benefits that come with them. These benefits are not endorsed by doctors in fear of promoting heavy drinking. Whether you are into beer or hard liquor, you are sure to be impressed with the long list of health benefits that compliment both these types of alcoholic beverages. So, let’s check out a few of them.

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1: Beer Contains Antioxidants

From a nutritional point of view, beer contains several proteins and Vitamin B. It has a higher antioxidant content than any other alcoholic drink. The organic barley and malts that go into the making of beer make the drink rich in flavonoids. The main antioxidants in beer are melanoidins and phenol that are basically cancer-preventive supplements. Even the hops and yeast that go into the beer malt have extraordinary health benefits.

2: Spirits Improve The Condition Of Your Heart

Beer vs. hard liquor

Don’t believe me? But this is a fact. If you are comparing beer vs. hard liquor, that is noteworthy to mention that most alcoholic beverages contain ethanol that can reduce your risk of developing heart diseases. When consumed in moderation, these drinks are likely to reduce your risk of suffering from an ischemic stroke. Moreover, hard liquor also reduces the risk of diabetes as pure liquor has low to no carbs at all. Wine is also especially known to improve your cardiovascular health.

Beer Vs. Hard Liquor: Which One Has Greater Health Benefits For Women?

Well, there is no competition here because both these drinks when consumed in moderation have been found to have special health benefits in women. Beer is supposed to have added advantages for your skin and hair. Several studies have shown that women who consume any type of alcoholic beverage are less prone to heart attacks or other diseases.

Beer Vs. Hard Liquor: Overview

Excessive alcohol consumption has several drawbacks in terms of your health. But a drink or two a week can boost your health in a lot of ways. The alcohol content is also important when you choose your drink for the day. If you are looking to chill with your friends and you want to avoid a massive hangover the next day, probably a beer is the wiser choice. However, other alcoholic beverages like wine, rum, vodka can also be the best companion for cold, chilly winters.

Now that you know both sides of the beer vs. hard liquor debate, let us know which one would you rather go with?

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