Beer For Bones Is One Of The Ways To Prevent Osteoporosis

Beer for bones

You can always use beer as a source of nutrients in order to prevent your bones from weakening. But that usually depends on what beer you are drinking. Beer for bones is good, but only if you drink the right kind of beer- according to researchers from the University of California. 

Since beer is one of the nation’s most favored tipples, beer has always been one of the biggest sources of silicon in a diet. Hence, beer for bones ensures that you cut up any chance of diseases like osteoporosis. But remember, beers aren’t always the same. Many are made from barley and these are the ones that have a much higher content than those beers that are made from wheat. 

How Is Beer For Bones A Good Idea?

Beer has been said to be a major supplement of dietary silicon, according to experts. It has been estimated that around half of the beer consumed will produce silicon that can be broken down by the body. Bamforth, who conducted this study, maintained that beers contain extreme levels of barley, and are extremely rich in silicon. 

Beer For Bones

He also mentioned that wheat did contain fewer amounts of silicon than barley. This is because barley contains the husk, the portion that contains silicon, and not the stalks of wheat. He spoke about how most of the silicon remained in the husk during its brewing, but there were significant quantities of silicon that were extracted into wort- out of which a lot goes into the beer. 

Dr. Claire Browning mentioned that beer for bones is actually quite beneficial. The latest study reflects the results of earlier studies that have already been done on this subject. But Browning mentioned that even if beer for bones was a good idea, they were strictly not recommending any individual to start increasing their alcohol consumption. There have been studies that talk about how lower quantities of alcohol would actually help bone density. But a higher intake of the same would simply decrease the strength in bones. Therefore, an alcohol intake that goes more than two units every day might actually bring forth the risk of breaking bones. 

But Is It The Only Way?

There have also been quite a few health concerns brought up regarding the effect alcohol has on people. This can’t be ignored if the overall development of an individual is concerned. 

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Catherine Collins, a dietician, has spoken about how there is no recommended amount of silicon that someone needs to consume daily. Beer for bones could probably not be as important as some would have us believe. She mentioned that the simple reason was that deficiency in silicon was extremely hard to prove- since people needed so little of it anyway. 

In her opinion, while the sources of silicon did involve beer, it was also an anti-caking agent that was added to powders such as baking powder. This mineral was also found in varying amounts of water. This, in turn, would contribute to the overall quantity of silica that is present in beer. Although it is certain that silica is good for the health of bones but it could be so in a minor way. Beer for bones might be a good idea, but it is definitely not the only idea. 

Of all the nutrients that are significant for the development of bones, silicon lies pretty low on the ladder. So before you decide to live off only beer, have a chat with your dietician.

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