Beer And Soda Suppliers Are Dealing With Aluminum Can Crisis Leading To A Rationing Of Niche Drinks


The pandemic has resulted in a shift in the consumption of soda and beer, from public areas like restaurants to domestic spheres. And this has put quite a burden on beer companies. Due to a major shortage of aluminum cans, most drinks aren’t being brewed anymore. Ann Moore, the spokesperson for Coca-Cola, mentioned that due to people buying more and more multi-packs for domestic consumption, the supply of aluminum cans is getting hit. 

While most can manufacturers have promised to set up 3 factories that would deal with this rise in supply, they aren’t confident if that would be enough. Robert Mudway highlights that the canning industry is working round the clock to meet the needs of the industry. 

Ironically, the raw material for manufacturing aluminum cans is not really in deficit. What is worrying is the capacity to make so many aluminum cans so quickly. With the onset of COVID, people are preferring eco-friendly options like aluminum cans over plastic bottles. Both new drinks and old drinks are coming back to the market in aluminum cans simply because they are more durable and much safer for the environment.

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Aluminum Cans and Corporates 

Canmaker Ball Corp. has decided to create a couple of plants by the end of next year. They will also be adding production facilities to the existing plants. Meanwhile, they are trying hard to arrange for contingency cans from their plants abroad. 

Aluminum cans

Renee Robinson, a spokesperson for the corporation, spoke about how there was a surge in the demand for aluminum cans prior to the COVID crisis because of hard seltzer and sparkling water. In fact, several companies have decided to lay down on their side products to focus on the best one. 

The Chief of Molson Coors was seen talking about the company scouring the entire area for any cans that might be around. They have asked for help from their offshore factories, and are seeing progress on the industry-standard 12-ounce cans. 

Coca-cola’s social media front has been on the trench for quite some time now as customers keep tweeting about Pibb and Cherry Coke Zero. The executives have all spoken about how the company took decisions to eliminate the lesser-known drinks from their repertoire to accommodate the depleting stock of cans with their most popular drinks. 

The American Beverage Association handles every non-alcoholic beverage in the country. They mentioned how workers had to work overtime just to ensure that stocks were shelved before the clientele arrived. This is a recent development because of the massive popularity of aluminum cans beverages.

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