Arizona Sports Betting Will Be Live Before the NFL Season


Arizona sports fans may be pleased to hear that they will be able to place sports wagers on their favorite sports in the near future as the NFL season approaches. Arizona’s Department of Gaming has confirmed a new set of rules for sports wagering and expects a full launch of sports betting across the state on September 9th.

It has been less than six months since Arizona lawmakers approved sports bettings within the state. When compared to other adjacent states that have tried to pass sports betting legislation, such as California, it’s quite an impressive accomplishment for sports betting to launch this quickly in the state of Arizona.

The rapid pace of legalizing sports betting in the state of Arizona may stem from the desire to reap the benefits of potential tax revenue as well as the urgency from state tribes to strike a deal for exclusive rights to hold licenses within the industry. State tribes are also thrilled about the possibility of additional casino games being offered at their venues.

Sports Betting Operators Can Submit Applications

Arizona lawmakers have outlined a few important deadlines for applications to offer daily fantasy sports games and sports wagering services. All major sports betting operators must submit their application prior to August 9th, according to the Arizona Department of Gaming. Daily fantasy sports providers are on an even stricter schedule with an application deadline set in place for August 4th.

All of the applications will be reviewed in a timely manner and will be either approved or denied by August 16th, roughly three weeks prior to the start of the upcoming NFL season. Most of the sports betting operators that are applying for approval to offer their services within Arizona’s jurisdiction are expecting to have their platforms available prior to the start of the season.

It would have been hard to imagine sports betting legislation advancing through the state of Arizona so rapidly but it appears that everything is on schedule for an impressive launch prior to the start of the NFL season. Arizona’s state tribes will likely benefit from the legalization of sports betting because they will presumably have access to exclusive sports betting licenses. They will also have the opportunity to offer more exclusive games at their respective venues.

Back in July, Arizona lawmakers announced that approved operators would only be taxed at a rate of 10% for their mobile sports betting services. This is extremely favorable for operators that enter Arizona’s sports betting market and provides them with plenty of room to flourish in their early days offering services to Arizona’s citizens.

Local Sports Teams and Venues Form Partnerships

Arizona’s famous sports teams and local venues are already forming partnerships to prepare for the legalization of sports betting. The MLB, PGA Tour, NASCAR, and NFL have all had a role in forming partnerships with various sports betting platforms as lawmakers rushed to advance sports betting legislation in the last six months.

Many sports betting experts believe that an incredible demand has built up for the sports betting market in states across the nation. Arizona naturally rests near the top of that list because of the incredible market that it supplies for national sports teams that span across multiple North American sports leagues.

The true impact of the legalized sports betting market in Arizona won’t entirely be known until after several months of its launch, although the intention to launch right at the start of the NFL season will surely build a ton of momentum for the industry as the new year approaches.

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