An Aurora Brew Hut Wins The Acclaimed Homebrew Shop Award

Aurora Brew Hut

Colorado people love craft beer. There are no two ways about that. They love it so much that you can’t walk through the streets without witnessing at least one man discussing the pros and cons of various techniques. But, something does separate the buzz from the hard work. And that thing is exactly why Aurora Brew Hut is famous – having received the highly acclaimed Homebrew Shop Award. 

The prestigious award is given by the American Homebrewers Association. The association consists of a group of tradesmen, who bring home breweries from all over the U.S to swap techniques and home brewing recipes. Since its inception 42 years ago, this group has grown to be the sole authority on authenticity. 

Interestingly, Aurora Brew Hut didn’t just win this prize for their good alcohol. Rather, the association also judges on categories like the brewery’s brotherhood, education, and ethical business practices, etc. 

If you visit the Aurora Brew Hut, you will find out that they actually love doing what they do. The moment you stroll in, the tangible smell will tell you of the quality of alcohol brewed. It has to be; since this Brew Hut is the best homemade brewery in Aurora since 1995. With 25 years of its brewing history, they have also constructed a classroom where people would learn the fine sciences of brewing. 

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Aurora Brew Hut Has Expanded Beyond Beers

If Aurora Brew Hut isn’t all, you also have its sister company- Dry Dock Brewing. Every store or taphouse around Aurora must have come across this nautical branding. This group always tries to push the boundaries of brewing by bringing in exciting flavors like apricot blonde ale, pear citrus, and vanilla porter. They are generous too- if you want to learn how to brew these, just sign up. 

The Aurora Brew Hut doesn’t just focus on beer anymore. Rather, they have expanded to other varieties like wine, kombucha, cider, and meads. And that is still not all. They also give classes for fermented food items, like cheese or pickles. 

Needless to say, the Aurora Brew Hut seems deserving of this prestigious award.

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