A Simple Guide To Your Perfect Beer And Barbecue Session


Folks, we know that the current pandemic has ruined all of our summer plans. But, don’t let it stop you from trying! Who said summer 2020 has to go to waste. Get your grill out and have a nice barbecue session. While calling your friends over is not possible during this lockdown, you can always have a perfect beer and barbecue session with your family! 

Here’s a step by step guide to making your day wholesome. 

You Must Have A Starter

First and foremost, always remember to have a starter. You can’t just serve the main course; you need to build up to it. 

A delightful idea is to start your fire an hour earlier from when you want your main course to be served. Grill some nice chorizo; it goes great with Gulpener’s Ur-Hop! 

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While the kids enjoy the chorizo, the adults can sip on some cold beer as the music plays in the background. 

Great music is the soul of a perfect beer and barbecue session. 

Barbecue Chicken Is Never Overrated

An hour into the barbecue session, start preparing the first part of your main course. Wrap some chicken thighs and mushrooms in a tin foil and place it on your grill. Don’t forget to add salt, pepper, and parsley. 

Make sure that the mushrooms are marinating in the chicken fat. And if you are feeling extra, you can add bacon slices into your chicken thighs and add sugar snap peas on top. 

beer and barbecue

Burgers And Corn On The Cob Is Always A Good Decision

Roll some salted corn on the cob in a tin foil. Spring a bit of parsley and add some butter. Fold the foil properly so that the butter doesn’t drip. Start barbecuing it. 

Next, chop up some onion, and add egg, maple syrup, and paprika. Add the mixture to your minced meat. You can even mix some Moor Stout with your meat; it will definitely up your game. Then, make some meatballs with the mixture, flatten them, and start grilling them. 

Within no time, you have a nice juicy burger and some delicious corn on the cob. Pair your corn with Lagunitas IPA, or go for Moor Stout and Ciney Brown for your burger. The flavors just complete each other. 

Dessert Is A Must For A Perfect Beer And Barbecue Session

First, make a cone out of a tin foil. Then add some cherries or tangerines into the cone. Finally, pour some cherry lambic of your choice into the cone. Close it up properly and place it on the grill. Keep it in for a few minutes. Boom, you have a delicious homemade dessert

Pour some cold beers, preferably the one you used for the dessert, and enjoy your heavenly dessert. You can even add whipped cream and ice cream!

Quick Tip For A Quick Snack

Barbecue some goat’s cheese. Get yourself some nice slices of bread. Pour yourself Gajes Tripel. That’s it! The combination is heavenly!

See, you don’t need much to have your perfect beer and barbecue session. All you need is the right weather and the right beer!

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