8 Unique Beer Games To Play With Your Friends And Family On Thanksgiving

beer games on Thanksgiving

There is a lot that can happen on Thanksgiving. You can find a few of your relatives debating politics or random people asking about your future, your cousins being out-of-control, and so on. But amidst all this, Thanksgiving is a great time to bond. You get together with your family, and there’s so much that you want to share. So, if you are looking for some hearty laughs, add some unique beer games to your party activities. You will be able to avoid unwanted conversations and have a great deal of fun too.

Listed below are 8 simple yet interesting ideas of beer games that you can enjoy in-between meals or as an ice-breaker to get things going. Check out the list and make the party lit.

When Someone

Go for this beer game when you want to keep things props-free. If you just want to pep up your mood at the beginning of the party, this is your beer game. Now, what is this game about?

There is not much to understand, but it is really fun if you keep on playing this game throughout the party. So, firstly, you need to make a list of things that will act as triggers. Whenever someone mentions that trigger word in their conversation, that person has to chug a drink.

The best part of this game is that you can customize it to suit any occasion. You can add common words like dry or moist or piece of pie or sauce to make it interesting. So, if someone has to say, “pass me that cranberry sauce”, you give them a pint of beer instead to drink up. This can turn into one of the most memorable beer games for your gang!

Best Friends Challenge

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving with your friends, you can guess why this beer game will be the most suitable. It began on the Jimmy Fallon Show, but you can customize it to add more fun to it. Let’s get to know-how.

Someone in the group will think about their biggest fear or favorite food and write it down on a page. The rest of the group will have to guess what the answer is. Try making it more personal, so you can revisit your friendship bonds on Thanksgiving. Also, whoever answers wrong, hand him a drink.

Thanksgiving Beer Games: On Parade

As you can guess, this game has to match a particular timing. So, if you are with your friends or family during Thanksgiving brunch and you love to see the traditional Thanksgiving parade, you can have a lot of fun with this beer game.

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This is similar to When Someone. You set a group of words as triggers. For instance, take a sip if you see Miley Cyrus or Nick Jonas, and so on. Get creative and set names you know your friends have a crush on. That will make this game more interesting.

Never Have I Ever

I’m sure you already know about this. You have played it a million times. But why not once more? You know it doesn’t get old. We know this game can take deadly turns so, be cautious if you are thinking of playing this with your family.

In case you missed it, here are some of the basic rules. Have your drinking cups ready and gather around in a circle. One person begins by saying “Never have I ever…” and then says something that they have never done. The rest who have done that will drink. Whoever has some alcohol left after everyone else’s is finished, wins. What are beer games if they don’t get you drunk AF!

True American

Does this ring any bells? This beer game has been borrowed from the “New Girl” show. If you are in the mood for a bit of moving around, this is apt for you.

True American is an obstacle-course game. It combines some childish features like you have to pretend that there is lava on the floor, and you aim to destroy the King’s palace by drinking his liquor. Set some chairs and make a fort, then aim for the fort. Add interesting hurdles and beer cans on the way. If your tipsy friend loses balance, he will be swallowed by burning lava.

Thanksgiving Beer Games: Operation

You can use a bit of silly fun after long hours of adulting. Turn this board game into a beer game, and you will see how much fun that is. Say yes to being kids again!

Let’s go through the rules once more. You get to be the doctor, and you have to make Cavity Sam better. He has some wacky ailments that you need to treat, for instance, headphone headache and gamer’s thumb. Pick up the tweezers and be a doctor. Try playing this game when you are already buzzed and check out the fun.


You know that we have to give it up to the “Friends” sitcom for popularizing Thanksgiving with friends. So, this beer game is to honor their contribution to this special day.

The rules are simple. Start playing any random Friends episode on Netflix. You can also begin with your favorite ones. Make the watch interesting by putting down some cues. You can set random dares for your friend. If that cue comes up while watching the show, people have to drink. For instance, you can put down something like, drink if you see Chandler make a sarcastic comment, and so on.

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If You Know What I Mean

This didn’t begin as a beer game. But you can make your own rules. After all, it’s Thanksgiving. This game is perfect if you want some hearty laughs. So, get ready for some sleaze.

The rule is you set a situation, like “two people walked into a bar…”, and each of your friends has to add a line to that story. The twist is that the additions must have sexual connotations, and they have to say “If you know what I mean” at the end. Whoever fails to understand has to drink up. The last person to have alcohol left in their cup wins.

Add some beer games to your Thanksgiving to-do list and make the most out of the day.

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