2021 NFL Week 10 Lines and Movement

2021 NFL Week 10 Lines and Movement

The board of top sportsbooks details line movement for every NFL game from the opening to current numbers and where money influences point spreads as the week progresses.

This board is updated daily, so check back throughout the week as we detail the point-spread movement, not just in the numbers but also in the game-by-game synopses. 

Here’s where the numbers are moving or staying for NFL Week 10, as of late Wednesday night:


TNF: Ravens at DolphinsRavens -6.5Ravens -7.5Ravens -7.5Ravens -7.5Ravens -7.5
Jaguars at ColtsColts -10Colts -10Colts -10.5Colts -10.5Colts -10.5
Browns at PatriotsPatriots -3Patriots -1.5Patriots -1.5Patriots -1.5Patriots -2.5
Falcons at CowboysCowboys -9.5Cowboys -8Cowboys -9Cowboys -9.5Cowboys -9.5
Bills at JetsBills -13.5Bills -11.5Bills -13Bills -12Bills -12.5
Saints at TitansTitans -2.5Titans -2.5Titans -3Titans -3Titans -3
Buccaneers at Football TeamBuccaneers -7.5Buccaneers -9.5Buccaneers -9.5Buccaneers -9.5Buccaneers -9.5
Lions at SteelersSteelers -10Steelers -8Steelers -9Steelers -8.5Steelers -9
Vikings at ChargersChargers -3Chargers -3Chargers -3Chargers -3Chargers -3
Panthers at Cardinals Cardinals -10.5Cardinals -10.5Cardinals -10.5Cardinals -10Cardinals -10.5
Seahawks at Packers Packers -5Packers -3.5Packers -3.5Packers -3.5Packers -3
Eagles at Broncos Broncos -1.5Broncos -3Broncos -2.5Broncos -2.5Broncos -3
SNF: Chiefs at RaidersChiefs -3Chiefs -2.5Chiefs -2.5Chiefs -2.5Chiefs -2.5
MNF: Rams at 49ersRams -3Rams -3.5Rams -4Rams -4Rams -3.5
BYES: Chicago, Cincinnati
Houston, N.Y. Giants
Odds as of late Tuesday night, Nov. 9. Updated once daily

TNF: Ravens at Dolphins

  • TUESDAY – Early money took the Ravens under a key number of seven.
  • WEDNESDAY – More Ravens money hit seven points, moving the market to 7.5.

Jaguars at Colts

  • TUESDAY – At a stagnant number of 10 points, Colts backers moved the spread to 10.5 at most books.
  • WEDNESDAY – DraftKings was the lone book at 10 points as all others moved over that key number.

Browns at Patriots

  • TUESDAY – Browns backers hit a key number of three points, moving the spread down to two and 1.5.
  • WEDNESDAY – Spread held at 1.5 points.

Falcons at Cowboys

  • TUESDAY – The spread dropped slightly, signaling early Falcons backers at a high number.
  • WEDNESDAY – More Falcons action hit the spread, moving it to a range of eight, nine and 9.5 points.

Bills at Jets

  • TUESDAY – Jets money, even under a key number of 14 points, hit the home team.
  • WEDNESDAY – This spread became varietal at 11.5, 12, 12.5 and 13 points.

Saints at Titans

  • TUESDAY – Opening under a key number of three was all early Titans bettors needed, moving the spread to a stagnant three points.
  • WEDNESDAY – DraftKings was the only book offering 2.5 points.

Buccaneers at Football Team

  • TUESDAY – Consistent money on the Bucs bumped up the spread two points.
  • WEDNESDAY – Spread held at 9.5 points despite still being under a key number of 10.

Lions at Steelers

  • TUESDAY – Early bettors backed the Lions.
  • WEDNESDAY – The spread dropped to a low mark of eight points, while other books were either 8.5 or nine.

Vikings at Chargers

  • TUESDAY – Bettors rode the road team catching three points.
  • WEDNESDAY – Spread held at three points.

Panthers at Cardinals

  • TUESDAY – At an opener of 10 and “the hook,” Panthers money dropped the spread to 10 points.
  • WEDNESDAY – Cardinals buyback at 10 points moved most books back to the opening number.

Seahawks at Packers

  • TUESDAY – At the respective quarterback positions, Russell Wilson was cleared to play Sunday. Aaron Rodgers could rejoin the Packers on Saturday. Early money was on the Seahawks catching five points on the road.
  • WEDNESDAY – The spread sat mostly at 3.5 points. Caesars moved down to three.

Eagles at Broncos

  • TUESDAY – The home team moved from a short favorite to upward of a three-point fav.
  • WEDNESDAY – Eagles buyback at three points dropped the spread to 2.5 at FanDuel and BetMGM.

SNF: Chiefs at Raiders

  • TUESDAY – The home dog Raiders in primetime was early bettors’ choice. Moving the spread under a key number of three.
  • WEDNESDAY – Spread held at 2.5 points with no significant buyback on the Chiefs under a field goal.

MNF: Rams at 49ers

  • TUESDAY – Rams money moved the spread through a key number of three.
  • WEDNESDAY – Books were split at 3.5 and four points.

View past lines and movement throughout respective weeks here:

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