nfl conference championship recap

NFL Conference Championship Recap: Brotherly Love Ahead

As the AFC Championship neared the end of the fourth quarter Sunday Night, it appeared that the Bengals and Chiefs were set to head for overtime for the second straight year. Then a brutal...
Joe Burrow

The NFL Playoffs: Don’t Be Surprised By The Lack Of Surprises

And then there were four! The NFL's final four (Eagles, Chiefs, Bengals, 49ers) are clearly the best in the field. So far these playoffs have been about as exciting as choosing between left and...
nfl divisional round recap

NFL Divisional Round Recap: Hurts So Good

When Jalen Hurts returned to the field to help the Eagles secure a first-round bye in Week 18, it was not at the standard he had established during an MVP-worthy start to the season....
Justin Herbert

NFL Playoff Thoughts (And Prayers For Charger Fans)

At what point did Charger fans know they were doomed? We could all feel it happening with such inevitability, yet it was such a slow-motion collapse, like Titanic. It took hours. Justin Herbert is a...
nfl wild card recap

NFL Wild Card Recap: Giant Rematch Set in Philadelphia

On a weekend of spectacular playoff debuts, New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones stole the spotlight. The competition was stiff: 49ers rookie Brock Purdy threw for 300+ yards, threw 3 touchdowns and ran in another,...
Patrick Mahomes

The NFL Playoffs: Who’s Screwed And Other Loose Ends

The 2022 NFL Playoff table is set! For the most part, everyone got what they deserved. Like when someone farts at a dinner party. But this doesn't mean a lot of weird shit didn't go...
nfl week 18 recap

NFL Week 18 Recap: On to the Playoffs

Another NFL regular season is in the books, and for fans of eighteen squads, it's time to put one eye to the NFL Draft. After Houston's phenomenal victory over Indianapolis on Sunday, the Chicago...
nfl week 18 prop bets

The Professor’s Week 18 NFL Prop Bets

The NFL came to a screeching halt in Week 17, but thankfully, Bills safety Damar Hamlin had his breathing tube removed and was able to FaceTime his teammates on Friday after his cardiac arrest...
nfl week 17 recap

NFL Week 17 Recap: 3 Spots Left

Week 17 in the NFL will finish up with Monday Night's heavyweight matchup between the Bengals and Bills, but while that matchup is crucial for seeding at the top of the AFC, it will...
nfl week 17 prop bets

The Professor’s Week 17 NFL Prop Bets

The Cowboys kept the pressure on the Eagles in the NFC East with a win over the Titans to kick off Week 17 in the NFL, and now it's on to the weekend action....
NFL Christmas cheerleaders

Disturbing Scenes From The NFL’s Office Holiday Party

It was your typical office holiday party this year, except with a lot more people laughing at the Denver Broncos. Even Russell Wilson was laughing until someone reminded him he's on that team for...
nfl week 16 recap

NFL Week 16 Recap: The Pack is Back?

The month of December continued to treat Green Bay well, as the Packers saw the Giants, Commanders, Seahawks, and Lions all drop games on Christmas Eve before the Packers continued their surge up the...
nfl week 16 prop bets

The Professor’s Week 16 NFL Prop Bets

The NFL's Thursday Night Football game saw the Jaguars continue their surge to the top of the AFC South while the Jets benched quarterback Zach Wilson during a dismal performance, but with a loaded...
Chandler Jones

The NFL’s ‘What The F#@% Did I Just Watch’ Weekend

I watched the NFL all weekend. Also, my wife apparently roofied me hard. All I know is whenever I looked in a mirror I saw this: Right? Since when is my nose that orange? So...
nfl week 15 recap

NFL Week 15 Recap: Jacksonville to the Playoffs?

Coming out of a game that saw his Cowboys barely escape against the Houston Texans, Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott vowed to correct his recent interception issues. Instead, his first pick opened the door for...
nfl week 15 prop bets

The Professor’s Week 15 NFL Prop Bets

Brock Purdy and the San Francisco 49ers continued rolling along with a win over the Seattle Seahawks on the NFL's Week 15 Thursday Night matchup, securing the NFC West for the 49ers and increasing...
Jalen Hurts

The NFC Team That Should Scare The Piss Out Of The Eagles and Cowboys

I know, I know, any team should scare the piss out of the Cowboys. They almost lost to the Texans, which is like almost having sex with the bathtub lady in "The Shining." Dallas is...
nfl week 14 recap

NFL Week 14 Recap: Battles to come in AFC, NFC South?

It had been a wild NFL season heading into Week 14, but after a weekend where Brock Purdy and the 49ers dominated Tom Brady and the Buccaneers, it feels like almost anything could happen...
nfl week 14 prop bets

The Professor’s Week 14 NFL Prop Bets

Thursday Night Football was a wild one, even by NFL standards, as the Raiders snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against the Rams and their newly-acquired quarterback, Baker Mayfield, who took over for...
Jets QB Mike White

Who Is The NFL’s Least Impressive Contender And Unworthy Of Balls?

Week 13 doesn't have much to brag about. It was about as much fun as that 0-0 tie (again, thanks for playing) the US got in the World Cup. You know, what the rest...


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